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Torch Fest

Torch Fest - The light that gets you through

Torch Fest is a first of its kind mental health music festival, shining a light on inspirational artists and their stories.

The name Torch Fest comes from the idea that everyone has a Torch Song; the light that gets you through, and the first edition of Torch Fest will take place in Brisbane, at West Room on 10th April.

With mental health having such a huge impact on the music industry, especially in recent COVID times, the festival is a chance to eradicate the stigma associated with talking about mental health, while retaining the essence of fun and celebration.

Twelve local Queensland artists have been hand-picked to take to the stage over the course of the 10 hour festival. All performers on the day will perform their Torch Song, the light that gets you through, as part of their full set and the festival will distribute battery-powered torches to each attendee to flick on when each of the Torch Songs are played throughout the day, creating a stunning visual.

The festival will attract attendees that want to see their favourite artists in an up-close-and-personal setting, not in a sprawling field with thousands of people, and will enable artists and fans alike to feel safe, and be vulnerable if they feel the need, through a unique experience.

The line up includes: Tia Gostelow, DOOLIE, Genes, MARLOE., Ella Fence, ELEEA, Jordan Merrick, Leonie Kingdom, Hello Jane, Emma Beau, Freight Train Foxes and Kate Gill.

Torch Fest – The light that gets you through

Torch Fest Brisbane