You’ve been on the circuit, you’ve played gigs, built a social media following, and now you are ready to take the next step in your career.

Here at Listen Up Music we want to be able to give you access to as many tools and services as possible to help you in your musical journey. We understand that you may have been taught how to play an instrument, write a song and even some basic recording. But what next?

We have teamed up with a number of partner organisations, which are growing week on week, that offer discounted services to the Listen Up Music community. These services offer incredible discounts that also help support our chosen mental health charities, so everybody wins!

Hardware & Software

Recording equipment, music software, musical instruments, backline and computers can all be very expensive but increasingly a necessity in songwriting and performance. With our exclusive discounts we hope to ease the financial stress somewhat.

+ Noteflight notation software
20% off subscription price

Rehearsal & Recording

You’ve got your music written and you’re ready to get it recorded. With so many choices out there it’s difficult to know who to trust, especially when the cost of recording is another attributing factor to financial stress.

With our exclusive partnerships, let us take away some of that stress so you can rehearse and record your music in peace.

Redwall Studios (Bury, UK)
20%  off rehearsal prices
5% off recording prices

+ Kindred Studios (Melbourne, VIC)
10% off rehearsal prices
5% off recording prices

5% off venue space for gigs

PR & Marketing

From Branding to Public Relations, Digital Marketing to Strategy, we can help you find your point of difference in the marketplace through our unique partnerships.

We have negotiated exclusive discounts, with our Partners, that will help you to hit new heights in your music career. As part of our agreement, our partners will also donate a % of their service price to our preferred charity, R U OK? in Australia and CALM in the UK.

+ Cartel Management (Worldwide)
FREE Brand Consultation
80% off Social Media Consultation
10% off Press Kits
30% off Single Release Campaigns

Unlimited releases to 170+ digital channels
100% of the royalties and ownership of the recording and release
Track history of albums charting and distribution to wider social networks
Single releases can be added to curated playlists and options for pitching to major Spotify playlists

$50 per year

The LUM Podcast is hosted by our founder, Ali Taylor,  who invites guest artists to share a top ten list that helps the listeners understand what makes the artist tick.

  • Weekly podcast released through Mixcloud where artists are invited to share a top ten list that helps the listener understand what makes the artist tick.
  • 1 hour interview with options for playing artist’s own recorded, or live, music.

Photography & Videography

Part of branding is ensuring that you the true you is captured in film and photography. Luckily we can help with that too. Not only do we have some fantastically talented creatives partnering with us that excel in Photography and Videography but they also have stacks of experience of working with musicians.

Tiffany J. Williams (Sydney, NSW)
15% off location photoshoot

+ Kindred Studios (Melbourne, VIC)
off film studio use

Health & Wellbeing

Throughout the year we host a variety of events including the Songwriter’s Festival, The Awards Night and music showcases. Click below to head to our events page and see what’s coming up near you.

+ The Rise Foundation (Australia-wide)
2-day Mental Health First Aid training
Specifically tailored to the music community








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  • Support Act: 1300 731 303

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  • Music Minds Matter Helpline: +44 808 802 8008