Alex Smirneos (KÖDA)

Alex Smirneos (KÖDA)


Accomplished Melbourne based singer-songwriter KÖDA is truly one-of-a-kind. Renowned for her powerhouse vocals, bubbly yet fierce personality and electric stage presence, KÖDA presents a whole new world of musical eclecticism and delivers it with a trademark rebel strut. Never one to shy away from stretching new musical horizons, she now lends her skills and songwriting prowess as the lead female vocalist of the six-piece indie-rock outfit, Tempus Sun.

KÖDA's unique career thus far has seen her take on whatever musical genre, style or persona she fancies. Her current sound collates the best of her musical lineages, delivering unmatched powerful soul vocals that soar over an unquestionably rock heavy musical accompaniment. KÖDA continues to cross musical boundaries and demonstrate her incredible ability with experimental genre-bending melodies and challenging rhythmic diversity.

Confessional and sincere, KÖDA unapologetically invites us into her world with a lyrical beauty and vocal effortlessness that is both vulnerable and honest.

KÖDA may be young, but she is no stranger to the professional music industry. Her debut single “Scissors”, released early 2018 reached #1 on The Triple J Unearthed Charts as well as achieving radio air play and a sold out Single Launch show. Taking the industry by storm, KÖDA continues to play some of Melbourne’s greatest venues, and since teaming up with Tempus Sun her skills have once again contributed to yet another top 5 single, “Stopp”, released in Spring 2018. Always on the move and searching for another way to challenge herself, KÖDA’s sophomore single “57” sees her take a more serious turn lyrically and shows a more refined rock heavy sound.

Although clearly having an in-depth understanding of a plethora of musical genres, KÖDA was raised with a love for pop, citing P!nk as her first major musical influence. “P!nk brought out an attitude in me from a young age and that is definitely coming through in my original tunes and live performances today”.

Throughout her teen years KÖDA was introduced to many musical genres that would heavily influence her sound to date; Neo-soul with the likes of Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. Vocal and musical pioneers such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Chaka Khan, as well as indie pop rock groups Coldplay, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys. And yet KÖDA always demonstrated a prolific appreciation for fellow Australian music geniuses such as Hiatus Kaiyote and Jaala.

After struggling with defining her musical identity for some time, KÖDA coined a new musical genre “Whack Pop”. Encompassing her love of intelligent musical elements such as odd time signatures, extended chords and non-diatonic movements, KÖDA filters it into a more palatable and refined mainstream. With an appreciation for pop divas and musical prodigies alike, “Whack Pop” pays homage to the influences of her youth.

KÖDA has since collaborated with many other Australian artists, including the likes of Tempus Sun, Zac Robertson, Sean Donehue, Rya Park, Emily Williams, Kaiit, Ezra Allen, Mark Jay and Sunshine the DJ.

KÖDA’s sound is a breath of fresh air for the Melbourne music scene, it is raw, it is informed, and it is powerful. She is incomparable and new and she is not to be missed, KÖDA offers a chaotic genius that leaves everyone and anyone begging for more.