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About Listen Up Music

We are Listen Up Music; an award-winning, registered mental health music charity.

We believe in change. Not merely “awareness raising” but constructive, impactful and life-altering change.

Through our music-focused events and education, our vision is to empower every music industry professional to practice positive mental health. We run events and services that build community, facilitate storytelling and promote positive mental health.

Our values of People First, Community, Inclusion & Diversity, Empowerment and Integrity are central to the way Listen Up Music works.

Our Story

Listen Up Music was founded by Ali Taylor and Hank Paul, born out of a passion for music and mental health.

Ali and his family have a lived experience of suicide and he has made it his life’s work to combat the stigma and provide a meaningful impact in people’s lives through the power of music.

Although it had been operating under a different name for a number of years, Listen Up Music was officially formed in 2018.

Known for The Songwriting Prize (Australia’s only dedicated mental health songwriting competition), Torch Fest, the Pick-Me-Up Podcast, and our Mental Health Music Course, we have made a positive impact on the face of mental health all across Australia.

Our Mission

Here at Listen Up Music, our mission is to build community, facilitate storytelling and promote positive mental health through the power of music.

Through events such as The Songwriting Prize, and providing services that educate and equip individuals, music will always be at the core of what we do.

Our Board of Directors

Ali Taylor CEO
Ali Taylor

CEO / Director

Amy Visser
Amy Visser


John Huggart


Coralie Williams
Coralie Williams


Jordan Merrick